About Copestone: A Brief History


All of Copestone’s personnel are key to our continued success with our clients and delivery of the high quality end product. Most of our employees have been with the company for several years creating continuity in regards to common goals and communication that in turn helps to fulfill our customer’s needs. Our staff is client and quality focused. Office management is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to the highest business ethics. The field personnel are solution driven and forward thinking craftsmen and proud of their ability to produce quality projects in a timely manner.

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Company History

Copestone General Contractors is a Class A Commercial General Contractor that has been in business in Colorado Springs since 1985. During that time we have successfully completed over three million square feet of both ground up and interior remodel projects. Our resumè includes tenant improvements, remodels, and ground up projects with Class A finishes to suit many professions such as: municipal, recreational, high tech, educational, religious, health care, retail, food service, and industrial facilities.

Over the years Copestone has developed a reputation for consistently completing projects on time and within budget while maintaining the high quality that clients should expect.

Despite the recent economic conditions, Copestone remains financially stable which, due to timely payment methods, has earned a great deal of respect from our vendors, subcontractors and banks. This allows us to remain competitive and also to help maintain a class A+ bond rating.


What is in the name: COPESTONE

Financial Stability

As a class A licensed commercial construction company, and having one of the best payment records in the business. Copestone’s financial stability is a cornerstone of our company. Ask our subcontractors, suppliers, lien free clients, and bank; our integrity is your best insurance.

Cost Control

Budgets established, budgets maintained and budgets met. We are dedicated to protecting your proforma with no cost overruns.


We meet our commitments with realistic scheduling, frequent and clear communications with clients, the design team, property managers, subcontractors and suppliers. Copestone means no missed deadlines.

Quality Delivered

Outstanding quality finishes are delivered for all of our clients. We are sensitive to image; we accomplish this quality with associates that appreciate and understand the quality we expect.


We take safety very seriously! Copestone currently maintains an Experience Modification Rate of 0.85. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Copestone was presented with the “Circle of Safety Award” from Pinnacol Assurance, an award that very few achieve, let alone continue to earn 3 consecutive years.

copestone-circle-of-safety-award-seal-2012 copestone-circle-of-safety-award-seal-2013 copestone-circle-of-safety-award-seal-2014

The Copestone Team

Mary Ann Binkley
Mary Ann BinkleyPresident & CEO
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Steve Binkley
Steve BinkleyVice President & COO
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Nathan Derwick
Nathan DerwickProject Manager/Estimator
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Gwen Davis
Gwen DavisProject Coordinator
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Pat Lovett
Pat LovettAccounting
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Pete Carrica
Pete CarricaSuperintendent
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Bill Goodenough
Bill GoodenoughSuperintendent
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Gary Massey
Gary MasseySuperintendent
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Stephan Morin
Stephan MorinProject Estimator
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Chuck Valesey
Chuck ValeseyCarpenter / Foreman
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Alex Shute
Alex ShuteGeneral Laborer / Apprentice Carpenter
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The Copestone Process

General Contracting

Class A licensed on the Front Range, Denver, Pueblo

Cost analysis for optimum value engineering

Innovative time scheduling or fast track

Construction Management

Team leader in negotiated projects

Full disclosure accounting directly with owner, lender

Budget Consulting

Confidential costing of proposed project

Building systems selection, evaluation

The Copestone Concept

Not so many years ago it was believed that the client must choose between receiving high quality or meeting the budget or getting the project completed on time. The combination of all three of these key elements has been a way of business for Copestone General Contractors since its inception in 1985. Copestone continues to be a pioneer in setting the standard and putting the client first.

Our consistently high quality is ensured by detailed and accurate submittal logs beginning at your projects start and monitored by our project managers daily, as well as by furnishing the proper craftsmen to complete the task.

Our cost-controlled ability is outstanding due to a custom computerized estimating and job cost system. Depth of knowledge of market conditions is evidenced by our track record of consistently being in the top 15% of competitive bids. Two additional reasons for Copestone’s ability to furnish the best value for the dollar are high ethics and financial stability.

Our computerized construction schedules, weekly site meetings, and site fully supervised by A classification superintendents are just a few of the reasons we meet our completion dates and exceed our client’s expectations.

Copestone gives you the value of optimum quality, cost and timing as a result of our systems and procedures, but primarily it is the attitude with which we conduct business. We care about you and your project…and it shows.